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19 November 2019
Cloning and Flood Fill in PP - David Mutch
End of Year Break Up Party.
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Summaries of our past Magazines and Bulletins can be found here and on linked pages. This page shows 2000 Magazines and Bulletins. For other years, please see our publication archives for 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999.

2000 Magazines:

October 2000 Corelunder Magazine (Issue #14).

President's Report -Richard Crompton
Corel Trace 8 - Tony Moor
Computers are from Mars? - Tony Moor
Scripts-another of Corel Draw's hidden treasures - Walter Cavill
Corel Draw 10 expected release - Corel Campaigns
New Wacom Graphire Driver - David Mutch
A Graphics Crossword - Tony Moor
Corel & Microsoft Strategic Alliance - Corel Corp
Creating Text Cut-outs in Photo-Paint - David MUtch
Virus Alert - Qaz.Trojan - David Mutch
Corel Draw Insight - Click n Learn (Ad)
From the Editor - Di Thurgood
Membership Application Form
Cover - David Mutch - 16 pages.

Magazine-October 2000

August 2000 Corelunder magazine (Issue #13.

President's Report - Richard Crompton
New Members - Tony and Sharyn Moor
Special Offer from Click n Learn
CDU Committee meetings - Janice Edgar
Corel Pree Releases - Corel Corp
Tools of the Trade - Janice Edgar
Update Links Reminder - Janice Edgar
Corel Tips - Corel Newsletter
Corel Knockout - Richard Crompton
Membership Application Form
Cover - Richard Crompton - 12 pages.

Magazine-August 2000

June 2000 Corelunder Magazine (Issue #12).

President's Report -Richard Crompton
Postage and Perforations - Geoff Sherrington
Corel Draw - Let it win you over too - Patti Bartkowlak
Changes to CDU membership and fees - David Mutch
Corel's Financial Woes - David MUtch
Corel lays off 320 - CNet News
The Day Ahead - CEO's Blunders - ZDNet Investor
Onerous Laws Passed in Verginia - Forbes Mag
Core Draw Tips and Tricks - Pierre du Plessis
Guidelines for using Corel Clipart, Photos and Gallery - Corel Corp
Click n Learn Offer
Editor's Report - Di Thurgood
Membership Application Form
Cover - Pierre du Plessis- 16 pages.

Magazine-June 2000

February 2000 Corelunder Magazine (Issue #11).

President's Page - Richard Crompton
"To Market, to market" - article by Barry Atwood
"Ebay & fun" - article by Geoff Sherrington
"Have you had your pill today - The new Wacom Graphire Tablet, Pen & Mouse set" - article by David Mutch
"Corel Linux: A Review" - article by Rod Taylor
"Paint by Numbers" - article by Geoff Sherrington
"Ink and Paper Update" - article by Janice Edgar
Editors Report - Diane Thurgood
Membership Application Form
Cover - Pierre du Plessis - 16 pages.

Magzine-Feb 2000


2000 Bulletins:

(Special Issue Bulletin - Corel Draw 10 Release issue)

A Christmas Message - Dr. Michael Cowpland
From your committee... - Janice Edgar
What's New in Corel Draw 10 - David Mutch
Supporting Applications - David Mutch
What's New in Corel Photo-Paint 10 - David Mutch
Corel R.A.V.E. 1.0 - David Mutch
A Special Thankyou - Janice Edgar

Cover - David Mutch - 6 pages.

Bulletin-November 2000