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Summaries of our past Magazines and Bulletins can be found here and on linked pages. This page shows 2001 Magazines and Bulletins.For other years, please see our publication archives for 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999.

2001 Magazines:

November 2001 Corelunder Magazine.

President's Report - Richard Crompton
Making Realistic Gold Text in Photo-Paint - David Mutch
Ask Doc Draw - Tony Moor
Unlocked Door Invites Burglars - Nathan Cochrane
Intellectual Property - Richard Crompton
Look out for Outlook - Charles Wright
System Configuration Tuning - Tony Moor
Selling the Real Thing - Nathan Cochrane
What is Lock Transparency? - David Mutch
Masks, Selections and Paint On Mask - David Mutch
Filling Objects - David Mutch
Membership Application Form
Cover - David Mutch -16 pages.

Magazine-November 2001

October 2001 Corelunder magazine.

President's Report -Richard Crompton
3DAP - Digital Data Delivery for Australian Publications - Jan Edgar
Light and Shadow - anon
Fonts, Adobe and the ACCC - Daniel Bertozzi
Arranging Objects - Richard Crompton
Ask Doc Craw - Tony Moor
The Palms - Jan Edgard
Tips and Tricks - Tony Moor
Meetings Update for 2001
Membership Application Form
Cover - Tony Moor - 16 pages.

Magazine-October 2001

August 2001 Corelunder Magazine.

President's Report - Richard Crompton
Painter 7 Lays it on Thick - David Mutch
Recent News from Corel - David Mutch
Tips & Tricks - Tony Moor
Q&A Session - Tony Moor
The World of Viruses - Tony Moor
Orange Shift Blues - Part 2 - Lance Fishman
Membership Application Form
Cover - Richard Crompton -16 pages.

Magazine-August 2001

June 2001 Corelunder Magazine.

President's Report -Richard Crompton
Making Glassy Buttons - Sharyn Moor
Copyright Infringement - web press
Orange Shift - Lance Fishman
Red-Eye Removal Brush - David Mutch
Maintenance Tips - Tony & Sharyn Moor
From the Editor - Di Thurgood
Membership Application Form
Cover - Janice Edgar - 16 pages.

Magazine-June 2001

April 2001 Corelunder Magazine.

President's Report - Richard Crompton
Dotty Text - David Mutch
Fairfax News - web press
New Imaging Technology - Richard Crompton
PacPrint 2001 - Janice Edgar
Non-Postscript Printer Problems - Richard Crompton
Showing Depth - Lance Fishman
Working with Bitmaps & Halftone Screens - Richard Crompton
New Releases from Olympus - Richard Crompton
More Draw Tips - web press
CDU President takes on Computer Service Industry - Richard Crompton
Amazing Bits (of Information) - web press
Handy Shortcuts - anon (CDU member)
Strip toon - anon
Panorama Pictures - Richard Crompton
Thoughts from the Keyboard - Sharyn Moor
If Dr Seuss Wrote Technical Manuals? - Tony Moor
Membership Application Form
Cover - Pierre du Plessis - 16 pages.

Magazine-April 2001


2001 Bulletins: