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Check out our latest magazine or bulletin. Both are published five times each year on alternate months.
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Summaries of our past Magazines and Bulletins can be found here and on linked pages. This page shows 2004 Magazines and Bulletins.

For other years, please see our publication archives for 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999.

2004 Magazines:

October 2004 Corelunder Magazine (Issue #33).

President's Report -Richard Crompton
Corel Painter IX Review - David Mutch
Corel Acquires JASC Inc. - Corel
Create Your Own Image Borders - Geoff Sherrington
XDrive Prize Winner - Fran Vereker.
Correcting Keystone Distortion Part1 - David Mutch
Mini CorelDRAW Tutorials - Pierre du Plessis
CDU Meeting Dates for 2004, Committeee Dates
Membership Application Form
Ads: Members:p17,18; Corel: pp8,BC
Cover - Pierre du Plessis
20 pages.

Magazine-October 2004

August 2004 Corelunder magazine (Issue #32).

President's Report - Richard Crompton
Storage Devices - Geoff George
Hidden Truths About LCD Monitors Part2- David Mutch
Graffiti with Corel Photo-Paint - Lance Fishman
Piezo vs Thermal - Aust. Printing
Acrobat Reader Problems - Peter Moon
Next Generation CPUs - Darren Yates
Hot Air - Geoff George
Membership Application Form
CDU Meeting Dates
Committee Meeting Dates
Ads: Members: part pp 13,15,17,18; Corel: pp2,10,BC
Cover - Lance Fishman
20 pages

August 2004

June 2004 Corelunder Magazine (Issue #31).

President's Report -Richard Crompton
Corel Pricing Around the Traps
LCD vs CRT (Part 1) - David Mutch
CorelDRAW Distortion Tool Tutorial - Steve Bain
Hot Pepper - Jokes from K.N. Pepper
New Equipment - Canon A3 Printer & Sony DVD Burner - Richard Crompton
Improving Colour Balance using Photo-Paint - Lance Fishman
Film & Print
Prepare For PACPRINT 2004
Temp Editor's Note - Richard Crompton
CDU Meeting Dates for 2004, Committeee Dates
Membership Application Form
Ads, Members:p13,15,17,18; Corel: pp2,10,BC
Cover - Lance Fishman, 20 pages.

Magazine-June 2004

April 2004 Corelunder Magazine (Issue #30).

President's Report - Richard Crompton
ThumbsPlus version 6 Review
Corel Down Under Goes Out. A summary of our visits to Canon and the U3A - Richard Crompton
Chisled Shapes in CorelDRAW 11 - Steve Bain
Grey Moments Awaiting You
Spam I an Not - Where does it all Come From? - Richard Crompton
The Link from Quality to Colour Managment
CDGS12 Camtasia Studio tutorials - Peter Clifton
A Joke from K.N. Pepper
Spyware. Ever Heard of it?
Monitor Calibration Tips
CDU Meeting Dates, CDU Committee Dates
Temporary Editor's Note - Richard Crompton
Membership Application Form
Ads: Members: part pp 13,15,18; Corel: pp2,5,10,BC
Cover - Geoff George - 20 pages

Magzine-April 2004

February 2004 Corelunder Magazine (Issue #29).

President's Report -Richard Crompton
2003-What a Year it Was! - David Mutch
Is the Even Numbered Curse Finally Over? A review of Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12 - Rick Altman
What Gender is Your Computer? - Off the Net
Transparency Tools in Photo-Paint - Lance Fishman
Creating a Holey Image - Lance Fishman
Tucows Internet Directory cont...
The Written Word - Humor from Sean O'Kelly
Thumbs Plus 6 - Geoff George
CDU Meeting Dates for 2004
Membership Application Form
Ads, Members:p18; Corel: pp2,5,bc
Cover - David Mutch, 20 pages.

Magazine-Feb 2004


2004 Bulletins: