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2020 AGM
20 Oct 2020.


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CONTACT Corel Down Under

Please note that we are NOT Corel Corporation, we are a user group. We cannot assist with product purchasing and licening issues. To contact Corel Customer Service or Aquion in Australia, please see our home page.

Postal Address As of January 2019, we have a NEW Postal Address:
32 Pinewood Avenue, East Ringwood, Victoria, Australia, 3135.

0419 384 791 (Business Hours only)

Main contact email contact@coreldownunder.org.au
Add to our e-mailing list addme@coreldownunder.org.au
Remove from our e-mailing list: removeme@coreldownunder.org.au
CorelDRAW / PP Helpline David Mutch 0413714476
Corel Video Studio Helpline Richard Crompton 0419 384 701
David Mutch 0413714476
Corel PSP Helpline Jenette Youngman (please email general enquiries)
General Enquiries contact@coreldownunder.org.au
NEW !! Meetings Questions email * questions@coreldownunder.org.au

* New for 2018: a new Questions for Meetings email address. Please send your tough questions here if you wish them to be answered during a meeting. This helps us prepare in advance for your issue and also allows us to correctly allocate time for answering the more lengthy, tough questions during the limited time we have at meetings. Please note that not all questions can be answered and please be prepared to wait at least one meetings duration for the answer.

Please also see our Member's Gallery for examples of some of our member's work and how to contact some specific members regarding their work.

Members may also advertise their products and services in our Member's Ads section and provide some additional contact details.