Welcome to the Corel Down Under Inc. software users group

Early Members:

Some of our early members

Some of our early members.

HISTORY of the Corel Down Under user group

The Corel Down Under Inc. user group was created in 1993 by long serving, now-retired ex-president Mr. Jeff Rozen (Member # 15 - 1994).

The very first member on our records was Mr Rob Cole (2 - 1993). Members who played important roles in establishing the group in its early years include Ms Janice Edgar (19), Mr. Richard Crompton (32), Mr Pierre Du Plessis (12), Mr. Marc Dimmick (14), Mr Gavin Ross (25), Mr. Barry Veitch (24), Mr. Rod Taylor (34), Ms. Wendy Watson (60), Mr. Guido Rogger (18), Mr. Terrance Wilcox (41), Mr. Neil Gryst (42), Mr. Rob Beach (53), Ms. Diane Thurgood (73) and Ms.Derry Talvainn (93). (Apologies if anyone has been missed on this list)

The group was initially created to support graphic artists, designers, and lovers of both digital and traditional art, in both professional and amateur arenas. However, software, like most others things never stands still and now the interests of the group have expanded into desktop publishing, 3D graphics and animation, diverse print applications, photography, and a wide range of hardware devices.

Initially, meetings were held every 6 weeks. However, interest and membership soon grew and monthly meetings were introduced. Meetings have been held at a variety of venues including the Outer Eastern TAFE in Stud Road, the VACC building in St. Kilda Rd, the Balwyn Senior Citizens Centre and more recently at the Melbourne PC User Group Building in Chadstone. The group also organised a large and very successful user conference in 1994.

Our publications have also grown over the years. Our Corelunder magazine has grown from much smaller, less frequent, BW only issues to a regular, bi-monthly, full colour glossy cover edition which often exceeds 24 pages. Members also now receive an alternate bi-monthly bullletin in addition to the magazine.

With our members' help, we look forward to continued growth in both numbers and in the quality of our service to the industry in the years to come.